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I had to get an SLR digital for Photography at TAFE next year (i hope i get in! :O).

i love it so much *smiles insanely* it's a 8megpixel SLR Canon 350D. It's gorgeous, one day old and i'm still learning to use it but mmmm can't wait until i have a good knowledge of it :D!
*sigh* with school and everything been so busy lately, haven't had alot of time to update here, ending up with 123 artworks piling up from deviant friends to look at ^^. Haven't been able to update much at all lately, let alone take or do alot of artworks. Just want to say a big thank you to anyone whos ever viewed,  commented or added favorites to my artwork, it means alot to me it really does :hug:
Hugs go to everyone on my list...(i'm not sure how to create links sorry :( )

:iconliquid82: :iconxenos-threat: :icondead-flower: :iconarkywarky: :icontrippyhippy5: :icongerbz: :icondwor-kin: :iconcactusjack6996: :iconkagzoid: :iconpinothyj: :iconxezza: :iconsilentguardian: :iconrequiemforthedamned: :iconcrstic: :iconpinapple-girl: :iconzyphadellus: :iconursel: :iconpomboynz: :iconmicahgoulart: :icondivineerror: :iconderanged-mongoose: :icondwts--mud:

for giving me the inspiration and confidence to continue on through either your comments or through sharing your amazing talents with us all
Soon i will be finally buying my own fire staff/stave and i will be able to practice my fire twirling :D yay. Might try and get some new pics next time too. Can't wait